About Us

Roti Grill is a quick casual restaurant. Instead of us telling you how great our restaurant is, we thought you’d rather read what our patrons have to say about us:

“Tasty Indian comfort food in a relaxed setting! How good does it get? The restaurant is clean and service friendly. The food tastes fresh and you can watch the cooks work in the kitchen that opens onto the dining room.”

“I love this place! The food is always delicious, the portions are generous, and the place is clean and naturally lit. It’s hard to find good Indian food around here- I’m glad we’ve got Roti Grill!”

“The atmosphere was casual, the place clean and the staff very friendly. I highly recommend it!”

“Love, love, love this place. I’ve tried a few other Indian places in my travels across the country and NONE come even close to comparing to Roti Grill.”

“Solid Indian food that is easy and well liked by adults and kids.”

“This place is the Pei Wei of Indian food, walk up, order, get your drink, and pick a seat; very sterile. Everything is made fresh.”

“Roti Grill is hands down my go-to Indian restaurant in Dallas.”

“Great Indian dishes and lots of spice and flavor. Food keeps us coming back”

“I love spicy food, therefore I love Roti Grill.”