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“This restaurant gave me my introduction to Indian cuisine and I loved every bite. Anyone new to Roti should exercise caution on the spice scale; I enjoy spicy food and still opt for “medium” as even that can ignite my taste buds.” – Louis O

“Their chicken tikka is on point. The regular portion is a good size and the place is very clean and the service is great. One of the main things I like about this place is that it doesn’t hold regular Indian restaurant hours. Which allows you to go eat some great Indian food in the afternoon. ” – Luis M

“It’s so good we drive from Fort Worth. Samosas and chicken tikka masala are the best” -Robyn D.

“”Just close your eyes and point at the menu. Can’t go wrong here. Everything’s delicious. Garlic naan is super garlicky but if you’re into that kind of thing like I am then you’ll love it.” -Amanda L.

“Delicious food, speedy service, and big portions. Never disappoints” -Rodrigo M.

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